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Revlite nanosecond laser

Remove pigmentation


Improve skin texture

The most advanced revolutionary PTP optical technology has been certified by the US FDA. PTP represents a new generation of nanosecond technology. By carefully manipulating nanosecond pulses, it can produce photoshock waves and photothermal effects respectively, destroying pigments and stimulating collagen regeneration to achieve Benefits of the “double effect”


Revlite® C8 is a 532nm, 1064nm Q switched nanosecond laser instrument, certified by the US FDA, and has always been the gold standard in nanosecond lasers. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for all skin types. It has always been popular among users.

US FDA certification

Skin rejuvenation


Improve  skin texture

Remove pigmented lesions

Improve acne and scars


Photoshock Effect

Use light shock waves to mechanically crush melanin without causing thermal damage, making the process more comfortable

At the same time, it reduces the chance of scarring and hyperpigmentation

Photothermal Effect

Use laser heat to break up melanin

There will be a burning sensation during the treatment

At the same time, scars, hyperpigmentation, etc. appear

Higher chance of side effects

Revlite® C8 applies patented PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™(PTP mode). Two laser beams are output within a very short time interval. Accumulate higher energy. Thereby better stimulating collagen regeneration. Two consecutive light shock wave effects break down melanin more intensively than a single light shock wave effect.

Compared with traditional nanosecond laser that uses photothermal effect to treat melanin, you will feel burning discomfort during the treatment and the effect is also poor. Revlite® C8 uses the light shock wave effect to mechanically crush melanin. During the treatment, you will only feel the skin pulling sensation, and the effect is more obvious.

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